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Domain Names

Your Unique Window to the World

Vital to the image of any Organisation, the Domain name is unique, World wide, once registered. Forte Trinity will arrange for registration and check availability of required names, normally the same day.

Hosting and email

Speed of connectivity, and reliability of connection are the key issues which govern the server facilities selected for hosting and email.

Forte Trinity is partnered with leading, top ranked, UK commercial hosting facilities, providing reliability of connectivity, fast track access to the Internet, high speed data transfer, combined with rapid performance from Web Sites in terms of download and functionality. Email setup and connectivity issues are dealt with via the tech support team, ensuring clients can communicate with confidence whilst the risk of loss of exposure is minimised.

Direct control and access to servers for both hosting and e-mail are retained within the technical support centre at Forte Trinity, providing rapid response when support is needed, without relying on external resource.

Email set up and connectivity issues are dealt with via the tech support team, ensuring clients can communicate with confidence whilst the risk of loss of exposure minimised.

For tech support, provided FREE under your support contract, simply telephone Forte Trinity on 01942 68 40 40.

Project Management

Specialist Team Skills

Forte Trinity is staffed by a highly experienced, motivated team, including both designers skilled in multi-media, and analyst programmers.

Project Management is aided by a tracking system developed in house enabling effective monitoring of all stages of development. Close contact is maintained with Clients through personal allocation of a team member to provide an individual point of contact.

Design Brief

Analysis is critical to success in establishing the design and objectives. A design brief allows Web Masters to centre creative input on a project, in order to bring Sites "alive." The process commences with a briefing questionnaire, from which the look, "feel" and function of the project are considered.

Speed of access and the presentation of information in a user friendly, attractive format are critical to the success of a Web project. Each Site design is submitted in draft format in a temporary location for client approval. The Site will then be placed "live" on the World Wide Web, and submitted to leading Search Engines in order to achieve a profile presence.


Database Integration and Development - Flexible Functionality

Specialist applications include online searchable databases, links to ordering, invoice online, e-commerce solutions, password protected areas, client remote access for image insertion or update, and product search.

  • Imagine - Simply keying in a post-code (zip) and being taken to the nearest stockist, store, or manufacturer.
  • Imagine - Having customers select product numbers for an online view or catalogue.
  • Imagine - Clients or customers selecting an area on a map and being taken to the supplier or Site in seconds.
  • Imagine - just being found or accessed through a website listing - perhaps through a business club, Association, or Chamber of Commerce.


Bespoke functionality (not cheap stitch in solution offered by others) allows purchase of items/services via web site.

  • Online facility takes all normal credit/debit cards via secure transaction process.
  • Client remote access enables add/edit/delete of images /prices in shopping cart areas.
  • Trade access by password option allows purchase/order at variable cost with online trade invoice generation.
  • Tailored shopping cart retains look and feel of Site throughout transaction process.
  • Site auto emails both order confirmation and attempted unsuccessful orders. This process also emails the purchaser confirming receipt of order.
  • Order online solutions without requiring payment also available.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our uniquely successful Search Engine Optimisation process is applied to websites, with analysis of keywords or phrases requiring priority recognition. Forte Trinity have pioneered a unique approach with a successful track record in gaining Clients premium rankings.

Maintenance Total Support

Support ensures a high profile presence and minimum potential for loss of exposure. This includes the following cover and benefits:-

  • A Help line on the use of the Web Site/tech support on the Internet during office hours.
  • A monitoring process checks the position of websites with Search Engines and adjustments made, as necessary with the aim of achieving and maintaining a premium ranking.
  • Minor updates to existing screens or information at no additional cost.

Bulk Email Facility

Enables auto capture of Site visitors registering or using functionality such as order or buy online. This provides an invaluable marketing resource by capturing all email addresses to a database. The bulk email facility allows single click send to all or selective Site users on the database and could be used for a variety of marketing purposes such as Special Offers, New Product Launches, or simply news/updates. A highly cost effective way of maintaining brand awareness or encouraging return hits from customers or site users.

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