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The age of Electronic Commerce is upon us...

Consumers now shop the World from the office or home through the Internet - and the growth in e-commerce is nothing less than spectacular.

E-commerce, giving the facility to transact business through a Web Site presence, with on line ordering, provides an incredibly low cost opportunity for enterprise. Business to consumer gives the potential for rapid purchase via credit/debit card on a Site, backed by the security of a secure server, protecting the transaction.

Imagine - Taking orders from across the UK or the World with virtually no sales staff costs. No longer imagine, here at Forte Trinity we deliver successful solutions and are specialists in programming Web Sites for the processing of single or multiple choice transactions (e.g., size/colour/quantity variations), with "shopping cart" functionality. The entire process from design to linking with secure servers, recognised by the clearing banks, is completed from our centre.

Forte Trinity clients harness the formidable commercial power of the Internet and reduce costs.

E-business experience covers facilities such as:

  • Auto invoice generation
  • Keyword Product Search
  • Client Remote Access to edit/add/delete
  • Database Integration
  • Other people have bought...
  • Discount Vouchers
  • Posting Calculation
  • Click for variable views

Imagine opening to a Global market with a an online store open 24 hours a day to anyone, anywhere on the Planet, provide fantastic commercial potential. NO LONGER IMAGINE...THE REALITY IS NOT VIRTUAL...IT IS HERE!!

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